Since 1984

Promoting cultural exchange through performing arts since 1984 

Ryo Kuji-Iguchi


A blossoming career in the media, a genuine passion for performing arts and a sincere desire to engage in intercultural exchange with Japan is what led to the creation of Japan Media Exchange.

Since 1984, Japan`s largest theater companies toured through Europe, thousands of international artists performed in Japan and millions around the world laughed, cried and absolutely loved the entertainment we were able to provide.

Japan Media Exchange closely collaborates with the Daidogei World Cup Festival in Shizuoka, Japan and we continue to welcome new artists with an international appeal boasting a variety of talents and skills. 

We encourage performers in the field of theater, variety acts and street performances to introduce themselves by emailing us their contact information and performance videos.

Additionally, we have direct contact with several TV Show Producers, Theater Directors and Festival Organizers in Japan and Asia, who are constantly looking for specific talent.

We look forward to working with you.

Alex Iguchi

General Manager

From the day my father started the company and received the first printed business cards, I have taken on the role as casting manager.  It started out while riding my bicycle to school and handing out his cards to artists, who were performing in the nearby Vondel Park and it has since evolved into where I regularly attend festivals around the world and organize all the emails that artists send to us looking for work.

I do have performing experience; I performed in Circus Elleboog as a child and toured through Holland, however, I traded in the juggling balls for golf balls, and at 19, I became a professional golfer and created a fun golf show, which I have performed around the world.  

My business experience has come from managing golf clubs for large companies, such as Four Seasons Hotels, Marriott and Pebble Beach to name a few, and that is where I was able to develop excellent customer service and organizational skills, which help me with my job finding new talent and making sure everyone is satisfied with the work that is being done.